Cruising in a time of Covid
We just completed a cruise in the middle of Covid. So how was it?
In their latest cruise album "Cruising in the Bahamas in the midst of Covid.", Gary and Anna provide some useful tips for cruising in the middle of a pandemic and discuss the good, the bad and the bottom line.

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Anna & Gary

The Swimming Pigs of The Bahamas grunt their way into Anna & Gary's new cruise album

Eight years ago the wild pigs of Exuma went viral on social media when some celebrities showed up on Pigs Island in The Bahamas. Now the Exuma pigs are all celebrities in their own right. Gary and Anna visited them on a stop at Pigs Island and it was incredible to see their joy as they swam to the boat and tried to hop on board.   Later that day Anna took time to feed some of them, with the chief pig Squealy making sure that he got a good bite before all the carrots ran out.  But the highlight of our visit here may have been when one of the black pigs seemed to fall in love with Gary, and just wouldn't leave him alone. So much for the love between dog and man.  How about love between man and pig.   Check out our photos and videos.