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The Ocean Cruise App is the place on the web where you can safely and securely keep track of your cruises and relive the memories anytime you like. But exactly who are we? And why should you add your cruises to our app? Let's answer the second question first and then we will tell you a little more about ourselves and what we are trying to do for all of our fellow cruisers around the world.

It's simple - you should add your cruises to the Ocean Cruise app to ensure that you will always be able to remember the places that you've been, the people that seen and the things that you have done on your cruises.

Adding your cruises means that you will never forget the excitement of your trips and that you will be able to relive the memories, including those precious moments that you totally enjoyed. In a nutshell, the joy of your cruises will always be with you at your fingertips and close to your heart.

And who are we that you should save and relive the memories of your cherished cruises on our platform. Well, that's easy too. Simply put we are a bunch of cruisers with a bit of tech-savvy and a unique story that we believe would resonate with you.

Our story begins with Anna and Gary, two of our ♥ cruisers, who have actually cruised to many countries around the world.
Together, as our tracker above shows, they've done 19 cruises, visiting 43 countries, 65 ports and 99 cities. But for many years they struggled trying to remember exactly what they did, who they met and where they visited on their incredible cruises. So one day they decided to bite the bullet and to build an app to keep track of all the cruises they had done. A place where they could chronicle their cruises with photos, maps, routes, docs, videos and posts. So they immediately started working on the app to make their dream a reality. Then once it was built and fully tested, they called it "Ocean Cruise" and found a home for it as well at WWW.OCEANCRUISE.COM. Next, they started entering their data and adding their 19 cruises until it was all done. Now keeping tack of their cruises is not just easy and quick, it's safe and secure, and even cool and fun.

On the Ocean Cruise app, Anna and Gary are able to post to their timeline about their cruises as often as they like, and whenever they cruise again, they plan to take a few minutes to make another Ocean Cruise album on the app to add to the 19 they have already made. And because Ocean Cruise is easy to use and is in a safe and secure space. their cruise memories will remain well preserved for a lifetime, and their cruises can be revisited, relived and shared with fellow cruisers, friends and family, wherever and whenever they like. Now they never have to struggle to remember the cool stuff they did on their cruises, or to worry that the memories will ever fade. The memories of their cruises are always literally waiting to be accessed just a few clicks away.

But Anna and Gary were still not done even after they built the app and added their cruises. They soon realized that their fellow cruisers all faced the same predicament - nowhere to save, secure, share and keep track of their cruises. So they decided in the spirit of their love of cruising, cruises and cruisers, to open up the portal to all other cruisers who like them would have wanted an ideal place to save and secure their own cruises. Now all cruisers are welcome to download the Ocean Cruise app and to start keeping a proper track of their cruises, including the ones that they have already done, be it 1 or 1000. And what's more, doing so will not cost them an extra dime. It's all free of charge.

So whether you are a repeat cruiser with dozens of cruises under your belt, have just taken your first cruise, or are about to cruise for the first time, we are happy to welcome you to the Ocean Cruise app, and to invite you to keep track of your cruises and to enjoy the albums, timelines, blogs, connections and posts that have been made and shared by other cruisers on the app. Just download the app today and sign up or sign in to get started. Then feel free to add your cruises whenever you can, and sit back and enjoy the memories of your cruises for a lifetime!