The Bahamas Islands Cruise – Aug 2021

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After 18 months hold up in an apartment in New York City stifled by the trauma of Covid, we are finally back on the ocean. This time we are doing two one week cruises. On the first, we did the Western Caribbean and now we are in The Bahamas. Our Bahamas cruise is a full seven day “6 star” vacation on Crystal Cruises. We will be visiting 5 different islands including San Salvador, Great Exuma, Long Island, Nassau and Bimini. Join us as we swim with the pigs, party in Bimini and enjoy the sun sea and sand of these incredible islands. We’ll be doing our best to keep safe as the pandemic continues to rage but at the same time we will try to have as much fun as we can. And as usual we will give you all the tips you’ll need to start back cruising as safely as possible at this difficult time in the world, for as we always say, “Everyone needs a vacation!”