Mediterranean Cruise – Aug 2019

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This was a fantastic Mediterranean cruise in the middle of summer with lots of incredible beaches. The cruise itself was a bargain, extremely low cost for us. We purchased it just days before we left for as little as €700.00 each. An eleven day voyage with food and shelter for what turned out to be just over 60 bucks a day.

Given the price that we paid we expected to be buried somewhere in the cargo holds the ship and to be served meals of “dried bread” and water, but this did not happen. Instead, we were assigned a really neat inside cabin, and enjoyed the same food as those paying a fortune by comparison. Costa is by no means a high end cruise line, but in terms of value for money, if you are interested in seeing the world on a shoestring budget, and willing to forego the glamour and glitter of a luxury cruise line, it’s a great option. We ate well, we slept well, we visited some of Europe’s most desired destinations, and we met a few of the most endearing people we would ever know. It’s why we cruise!

From Playa de Palma in Majorca where we boarded the ship, to Ses Illetes in Formentera where we enjoyed a Caribbean like experience on our last stop, the Mediterranean, in the heart of summer, is a remarkable experience. That this part of the world is located in the cold and wintry Europe was simply unbelievable. It’s a testimony to the incredible skills of the great creator of our planet, who must have created this world with an extraordinary capacity to showcase its incredible geographical beauty for millions and millions of years. That it has lasted so long, through thick and thin, is amazing, and that we can still find so much to enjoy even after all the abuse that we have subjected it to, is mind blowing. Let’s hope that we all wake up soon and value the beauty that we can still enjoy in places like the Mediterranean. Even if not as an act of gratitude to the great creator, then how about doing it as an act of opportunism for ourselves and for our children. It’s such a small price for each of us to pay for such a large benefit for all to enjoy. Let the Mediterranean be a place where we can continue to sail for centuries to come and enjoy the incredible beauty of our special planet.